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Well newgrounds is dead.

2017-07-04 17:50:30 by Mugenify4389


1: they mods eat fried dicks

2:This place sucks needs more improvement.

3:The fuking mods Are homos (super ones)

Zombie diary has fixed medals and levels instead of broken medals and levels

- it has bugs fixed

- online multiplayer (only on


Latest News

2014-03-26 23:19:32 by Mugenify4389

There's nothing really just normal old Tomas Verde


Hello Everyone

2014-01-16 22:24:25 by Mugenify4389

hello everyone not a fucking woman don't fucking call me one

Feel like a piece of shit

2014-01-16 22:00:39 by Mugenify4389


No more games just movies

2013-09-28 05:39:20 by Mugenify4389

i freaking hate stencyl no games

No more games just movies

New website

2013-06-30 21:14:28 by Mugenify4389

Just a online arcade portal please join my newest site with naruto games


2013-02-24 12:11:44 by Mugenify4389


Killer combo HD coming soon

2013-01-06 15:23:12 by Mugenify4389

My website has the game's News located here tml